My Experience at Studying Law in Griffith College Dublin

My apprehension of studying existed long before I entered the gates of Griffith College. At the age of 45 and having a visual impairment I had never been to college and had only ever completed my Leaving Certificate. The thought of going to college had never even entered my head until my boss encouraged me to apply, believing that I was well capable for it and that it would help me in my future career.

My fear and apprehension were unfounded. The course was challenging (as it should be) but it was made very manageable by all the lecturers who were extremely helpful, supportive, and most of all encouraging. This could also be said of my classmates.

I could only have imagined that going to college was going to be tough but the fact that I was going to be studying law made the whole idea more terrifying to me.

I really had very little knowledge of the law and what was involved in grasping it. I found the more that I studied and researched law and how it worked, the more intrigued and inquisitive I became. The Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice at Griffith College gives a person a wide but in-depth knowledge of the law in Ireland today. It gave me an appetite and the inclination to want to know more. So much so that I am now contemplating going further with my studies and entering the second year of the law degree at Griffith College.

For anybody who is considering studying the Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice in Griffith College, I would highly recommend doing so and not to worry about age, or prior knowledge of law. The course caters for people who have

no previous third level experience. All materials for the course are provided and you will have full access to the college library and campus.

I am living proof that a previously apprehensive and nervous student can not only succeed in securing the Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice but also develop a passion for asubject previously unknown to him or her. I would like to take

this opportunity to thank Griffith College for giving me such a great learning experience and for helping me graduate with this Diploma, qualifying me as a Legal Executive.


Lysander Preston

Legal Executive. A.I.I.L.Ex.

Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice 2015

The Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice at Griffith College Dublin .

I knew I wanted to work in a legal field but didn’t know how to begin my journey. I came across this diploma course and thought it was exactly what I wanted, little did I know that less than a year after completing the course I would be working as a legal assistant in one of Ireland’s top law firms, with little legal or office experience. However, due to the Practical skills I learned throughout my time in the Diploma Course, with modules like Civil Litigation, and Professional ethics and skills for practice, I was given the opportunity to begin my career in the firm.

The friends I made during the course have also since began careers in the legal sector and became qualified as Legal Executives with IILEX.

I could not have completed this course without the help and guidance of the brilliant lecturers at Griffith College, all of whom work as Barristers or Solicitors themselves and do everything they can to aid you in beginning your career with their own personal insight into the legal profession.

I completed the Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice in Griffith College Dublin in 2017 and I am currently beginning my third year of the LLB Honours Programme at Griffith College.


- Amy Lee, 3rd Year LLB (Hons) Student 2018