Extra – Curricular activities at Griffith College

Some of the  activities at Griffith College  include:as follows:-

  • Giving students access to mentors in their specific interests· Law Society workshops
  • Brehon Society Internship where students intern in Philadelphia for 1 month during the summer
  • Lunchtime seminars
  • Law career evenings
  • Law Student for a Day Initiative
  • Secondary School Debating Competition
  • Mooting and Debating training and participation
  • Evening talks by industry leaders (Marcella Higgins and Frank Crummey examples of our most recent speakers)
  • Movie nights with panel discussions from leaders in non-profit organisations
  • StartED -  Start-Ed is a not-for-profit that provides free legal workshops for startup companies. StartEd use this as an educational tool for law students who shadow the event. Each month StartEd invite professional advisors from law firms such as A&L Goodbody, William Fry, Lemans, FOD, etc. to give oral advice over 15 minute one-to-one sessions with tech startups. Students can simply observe the sessions (sitting around the table) and network with startups and advisors
  • TY Law Course and graduation ceremony
  • Course specific information evenings