Central Council

Central Council 2020/2021



  • Gabriel Canning President
  • Deborah Walsh Chairperson
  • Helen Roche Secretary
  • Mairead Dixon Treasurer
  • Deirdre Butler Vice-President
  • Joseph Hughes Director of Education
  • Mary C. Foley Director of Membership
  • Iulia Maxim Director of PR/ Communications
  • Lydia Mullane Events Director
  • Fintan Hudson International Ambassador for IILEX
  • Frank Crummey Founding Member

Applications for new Council Members are being invited. Please note that Student and Associate Members are not eligible to vote on Council only those at Full Membership Level. However Student Members are welcome to join Council to offer new ideas.

Please note that any correspondence sent to an individual Council Member, should be at all times sent to the IILEX correspondence address or the IILEX DX address unless otherwise advised by the Council member concerned.