Application Guidance

Membership Application Guidance Notes

Data Protection Statement

It is necessary for the Institute to record certain personal data relating to each Legal Executive, including the name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and academic qualifications. Such personal data may also be information concerning a Legal Executive arising from the carrying out by the Institute of its regulatory functions under legislation.

The personal data about a Legal Executive by the Institute may be used by the Institute for administration, management, marketing and professional development purposes, as well as in pursuance of the Institute’s regulatory functions. Examples of the actual or possible uses of such personal data relating to a Legal Executive include the following:

  • The circulation of the Institute’s ‘The Brief’ magazine to a member of the Institute which may include or be accompanied by commercially-related material;
  • Publication in the annual Directory of Members
  • The reference to the Legal Executive on the Institute’s website;
  • The provision of the Institute to a specific commercial entity of the address or email address pursuant to an expressly recorded decision of the Institute that it is beneficial to do so for defined marketing or professional development purposes;
  • The provision by the Institute of the practice address or e-mail address of the Legal Executive to third party non-commercial entities which provide useful information to the professional;
  • The provision by the Institute to a firm of Solicitors or other body employing Legal Executives information, both electronically and in hard copy form, as to attendance record of individual Legal Executives within the firm or body relating to Continuing Professional Development;

If you do not wish to be informed of products or services by post or e-mail directly by third party entities approved by the Institute as being of benefit to the profession, please place an X in the box here { };

Membership Fees


Honorary Memberships are exempt from payment of Membership Fees