Past Events

Evening with Frank Crummey

Left- Right ;- Mary C Foley,   Director of IILEX , Frank Crummey , Director and ( Hon . Life Member) of IILEX, Mairead Dixon, Director of IILEX  and Karen Sutton, Head of the Law Faculty,  Griffith College Dublin .


Griffith College Dublin hosted ‘An Evening with Frank Crummey’ on Tuesday October 23rd 2018 at 6pm. Karen Sutton, Head of the Law Faculty, sat down with Frank to discuss his life and how he has made such an impact on Irish society.

Born in Kimmage in Dublin in 1936, Crummey has been an agitator for justice, associated particularly with the family planning movement and Women’s Refuge, repeatedly using the law as an instrument for change.

In the sixties and seventies he was part of the Reform group and challenged church and State on the battering and abuse of children in our schools.

Later Frank got involved with the women's movement and the blanket ban on all forms of contraception, and of course its natural corollary, the battering and ill-treatment of women worn down by endless childbirth.

It was when, a year later, he got a job as a legal executive that he finally got some stability and, as a crusader, he came into his own.

Frank Crummey was one of the first members to subscribe to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and form the Irish Institute of Legal Executives. Frank was awarded Life Fellowship and Member for Special Services in 2008.

This was a free event and all were welcomed.